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Whether you need a plier, a pincer or a cutter, the Mister Worker™ catalog has everything you need. Tongs, diagonal cutting nippers, universal pliers, flat or round nose pliers, self-locking and adjustable pliers, and much more.

A plier is a very useful tool for a multitude of jobs, both professional and home bricolage. As for many other hand tools, there are many models: universal pliers, pliers with long or short spouts, pliers with flat or round spouts, adjustable pliers, self-locking pliers ... each of these has a specific use, so you need to know how to choose with criterion the most suitable tool for your needs. A universal gripper, for example, has an excellent grip on many different materials: it is equipped with a highly resistant knurled grip surface, finished with a protective paint that makes it very resistant, and an ergonomic material grip resistant to intensive use. An elastic ring pincer, on the other hand, is specifically designed to work on internal or external elastic rings: it is available with both straight and bent spouts, has a non-slip PVC coated handle that ensures a secure grip and the nozzles are designed specifically for maneuver safety rings or stops.

Another very useful tool is the end nippers, apparently similar to a plier but with two jaws instead of a pair of beaks. Tongs are used to cut more or less soft materials, but also to extract or twist certain objects: they are used a lot in carpentry, when you need to extract nails from the wood or when you need to cut a too long nail that comes out of the wooden structure. Another use that can be done is to retain the pieces of iron while working hot, and in this case should be used a pincer with very long handles, to ensure that the hands are not close to the heat. A special type of pincer is the cutter: it is an instrument with two sharp jaws, used to cut metal bars or thick wires. The best known type is the goldsmith's cut, specific to cut copper or gold wires, but there are also different models for cutting steel or plastic materials.

When it comes to choosing a pincer, a pincer or a cutter, you are faced with a boundless world: the models available are very numerous, and you need to do a careful search to find the one that best suits the job you have to do.