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Keeping the order in your work space is the first step to working better: Mister Worker™ has a number of toolboxes and container trunks in the catalog, ideal for storing your tools and for tidying up your workstation at the end of the day.

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A toolbox is an indispensable container for those who work every day with a large number of different tools, whether power tools or hand tools. The container trunks allow you to keep your equipment safe from bumps and dust, and are available in different sizes and materials.

To store the most delicate power tools, the best choice is a metal toolbox with a thick sheet steel structure and a hook that allows you to close it with a padlock. Useful to keep the tools in order and have them ready for any home interventions is the tub with wheels, a polypropylene toolbox with wheels equipped with a handy telescopic handle that allows you to carry it in a very convenient way: it has the ability to add more similar modules, in case you need to transport a large number of professional tools. For those who need a container box resistant to wind and rain to store gardening tools, instead, the best model is the resin trunk: available in three different sizes, suitable for bulky tools and for smaller objects. suitable for both indoors and outdoors, as it is perfectly weatherproof. It is a very light and easy to carry tool trunk: it is shipped disassembled, but can be assembled easily in a few minutes; being light and not very hard, it is also suitable for storing toys in the children's room.

The trunks containers are ideal for those who must solve the problem of storage and transport of bulky equipment: the models with wheels are stable and safe, suitable to easily transport their work tools; the resin variant is perfect to keep garden tools safe even when it rains, as well as to keep order in the children's room or in the laundry corner of your home; the metal version is perfect for storing the most precious tools and closing them securely with a padlock.

Anyone in the world needs to keep order in his work space or in his own home, and for this reason Mister Worker™ offers simple solutions to always keep the maximum order!