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Oil distribution

If you daily work with oils of various kinds on an industrial level, you definitely need systems for the distribution of oil designed to maintain a high performance standard, suitable to be used even in the harshest situations. In our catalog you will find a wide selection of oil distribution machines, designed to work with oils with different densities and viscosities.

Here you can find a wide range of machine tools for oil, all designed for an intensive and professional use: pneumatic and manual oil dispensers, equipped with dispensing nozzles extremely flexible and practical to use and available with tanks of various capacities; air-operated pumps in stainless steel for oil and similar fluids, ideal to be used at industrial level as they are resistant to intensive use; collection and storage tanks, useful instruments as they allow to put aside and store the wasted oil before disposal; installations and fixed structures, such as fixed oil barrels holders, oil distribution stations and service stations.

In addition, there are also numerous accessories for oil pumps, such as stainless steel draining pipes, wall mounting brackets, extensions and fittings, hoses and much more.