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Tracing and Marking by METRICA

On Mister Worker™ you can find the entire range of tracing and marking equipment by Metrica: have a look at our selection of chalks, pastels, pencils, spray markers, chalk-lines, compasses and much more!

Metrica Pencils, Chalks and Pastels on Offer Online on Mister Worker™

In this section you can find all the tools you need for tracing and marking operations, for example to draw precise and resistant lines on floors, roads, walls or on construction sites. Among the tools to perform this type of work tasks, chalks, crayons and graphite pencils for marble workers or carpenters must be mentioned. These tracing tools allow you to report, for example, a point or area that you need to work on. Within our selection of pencils, crayons and chalks, you can also find pencils with interchangeable mine and one of the leading products of Metrica within this category: the 100% Graphite pencil. Composed entirely of graphite, this pencil can write on all surfaces and lasts much longer than a traditional pencil; moreover, it keeps your hands clean and it hardly ever breaks.

Among the Metrica tools for marking and tracing there are also liquid ink markers and spray markers, including the DURA-INK® markers, characterized by their quick-drying and water-resistant industrial ink.

One of the most appreciated Metrica markers is the Follow me construction spray marker, available in different fluorescent colours. With this plumb and CFC free spray you can draw net markings on any surface, including concrete, grass, stone and sand. This section of the Metrica Catalogue also includes chalk-lines, scribers and punches, compasses and other accessories.