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Tracing and Marking by METRICA

On Mister Worker™, the online store where you can buy work tools for professionals, is now available Metrica complete catalogue of tools for tracing and marking: chalks, spray markers, chalk-lines, scribers and punches.

In the Tracing and Marking section you can find carpenter pencils and pencils for industrial use, pocket chalks and marking crayons resistant on every surface. These are high quality products that you can purchase at market prices. The real highlight of the marking range is the Metrica All Script 100% Graphite pencil: made entirely of graphite, this pencil writes on all surfaces with a durability 10 times higher than a traditional pencil, it does not dirty your hands, it also resists shock and breakage.

Metrica markers, from the most pocket-sized to the FOLLOW ME sprays, form a complete range of products to write an all surfaces. 

This section of the Metrica Catalogue also includes chalk-lines, scribers, compasses and punchings.