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Discover our best offers on Metrica professional measuring tools: take advantage of this opportunity to buy self-leveling laser levels, digital levels, laser distance meters, angled gauges and much more at discounted prices!

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Exclusive offers on metric measuring tools

All Metrica products are created taking into consideration the specific needs of the professionals who use them every day. Infact, the Metrica believes in making “product at the customer's service". Thanks to Mister Worker™ you now purchase a wide selection of Metrica tools for laser measurement, mechanical measurement, tracing and marking at affordable prices: use this possibility to stock on Metrica products!

Special prices on self-leveling lasers and rotary lasers:

Over the years, Metrica specialized in the production of laser measurement tools, specifically, Metrica developing a wide range of self-leveling lasers and laser distance meters appreciated all over the world.

One of the product categories on which Metrica has specialized over the years is that of laser measurement and in particular has developed a range of self-leveling and cutting-edge laser distance meters appreciated all over the world.

Discover now our best offers on Metrica self-leveling laser! In addition to excellent digital tools such as the digital level 33806, many cutting-edge laser tools are available among our special offers, which allow you to speed up your measurement operations.

For example, do not miss the Bravo laser CR + 5 dots 61360, excellent pocket size self-leveling laser for indoor and outdoor use. Its peculiarity is that it projects both a horizontal and a vertical line and can project up to a maximum of 5 points. If you are looking for a rotary laser, we recommend, depending on your needs, the self-leveling rotating laser H rubber 60719BM, which projects a rotating horizontal line, or the XXL self-leveling rotating laser 60807, which instead projects a full 360° horizontal line.

Finally, we recommend the self-leveling rotary laser INCLIGRAD 61345. It is a highly professional tool that generates a horizontal, vertical or inclined plane adjustable by ± 10% in X and Y direction. It is characterized by precision and versatility, as it has a highly sensitive receiver and various functions (scanner, TILT, manual) which allow to adapt its use to the specific needs of the user.

Exclusive offers on laser distance meters on Mister Worker

Discover our offers on Metrica Flash measuring tools, a line of compact laser distance meters with a modern design that allow you to measure from 15 to 120 meters away. Some examples are the Metrica flash 80 meters target camera 61185, which has a dual inclinometer and 6 Pythagoras functions, and the Metrica flash 120 zoom 61190, which has a 4X zoom camera with viewfinder that can take a photo of the measured point with measurement memory. Another noteworthy model is certainly the Metrica double flash laser 50m 61112, which represents an innovation worldwide thanks to its double laser for immediate measurement of the sum of the two lasers. All the measuring instruments mentioned are of high quality, have a high visibility screen and are simple to use.

Mister Worker provides you with technical assistance and advice

Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information or technical assistance. We advise you to consult our Special Offers section frequently to stay updated on the latest Metrica offers!