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Mechanical Measurement by METRICA

Working with accuracy and precision requires the use of measuring instruments of the highest quality. On Mister Worker™, you can find the complete catalogue of Metrica tools and mechanical measurements: calipers, dials, micrometers and thickness gauges.

The mechanical measurement section is a very important part of the Metrica catalogue. Calipers, micrometerscomparators, bore gauges and thickness gauges are the five product groups that make up the mechanical workshop tools section. They are characterized by high quality and precision. Mechanical measurement is a traditional sector where it is important to maintain a high standard of reliability and Metrica is a reference point in the field of measurement. These product groups offer a complete range of instruments capable of covering all measurement needs.

In the caliper section of the Metrica catalogue, the following calipers stand out:

- The 10074 Precision Monoblock Vernier Caliper. This is a traditional high-quality stainless-steel caliper, compliant with DIN 862. It is monoblock, with locking screw and it has four measuring functions.
- The 10002 Digital Caliper Big Digits. It is a hardened stainless-steel caliper equipped with a display with big digits (11 mm), which offers four ways of measurement. This caliper has high accuracy (0.02 mm) and repeatability (0.01 mm). Three buttons make the use of this instrument easier: on/off (manual), reset for comparative measures and the mm/inch conversion.
- The 10080 High Visibility Digital Caliper. This professional model in hardened stainless steel has a high visibility LCD screen with giant numbers. It has an ABS function, it is self-locking, its resolution is 0.01 mm/0.0005”, repeatability 0,01 mm/0.0005’’ and accuracy 0,02 mm/0,001”. Its operating temperature is 0°C to 40°C.

In addition to calipers, micrometers, dials, thickness gauges and bore gauges stand out. They are all produced with utmost care and with first-choice materials. They are all subjected to pre-sale checks.
As requested by some worldwide distributors, Metrica has developed the production of plicometers. Both digital and analog plicometers are 100% made in Italy. 

Produced with the utmost care and attention to detail, Metrica plicometers are appreciated in the fitness market, with positive reviews for their value for money. These tools represent a niche market for Metrica, but they are an example of Metrica’s flexibility and willingness to be open to all fields of linear measurement, always in full compliance with the quality standards required and appreciated by the market