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Length Measures by METRICA

Here on Mister Worker™, the online tool store for professionals, the complete range of Metrica’s length measuring instruments is available: check out our offer of professional tape rules, long tape rules, crack gauges and folding and tailor’s rules. 

The field of length measuring has always been the core of Metrica’s activities. Several products pertaining to this category are 100% made in Italy following high-quality standards, recognised not only in Italy, but rather worldwide. An example are the Telefix: they are professional telescopic gauges available in different models for measurements between 1 and 10 meters. Other examples are the classic tape rules, for example 08105 Reverxo, a self-locking tape with double hook and rubberized housing, and crack gauges. Moreover, Metrica also produces customized products which are designed taking into account the specific needs of the single customer.

Particularly relevant are the folding rules in fiberglass, available in 10 models created in order to cover all the possible needs that the user has when using a no-scratch, non-conductive and washable folding rule. Thanks to its versatility and possibility of customization, Metrica’s products are well known all over the world and among the major producers of the sector. The most innovative products in this category are the new models with hook, with magnet and the ones with graduation on the side adjacent to the work surface, particularly useful for carpenters.

In the length measuring field, Metrica’s product line NEW Graduation is a bearer of innovation: it comprehends tape rules, rules and fibreglas tapes and, thanks to a special vertical graduation upward and downward, it makes it easier for the user to read the millimetres. This makes it possible to avoid mistakes in reading in case of standard millimeter graduation. 

Another category which is equally important is the one of tape rules, which provide the user with endless possibilities: from the fluo band, which has great visibility, to the magnet attached to the tape and from the rubberized hook, which increases the grip, to the ergonomic design and high fluidity of the tapes the choice of products is really wide when it comes to tape rules.