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Length Measures by METRICA

Here on Mister Worker™, the online tool store for professionals, the complete range of Metrica’s length measuring instruments is available: check out our offer of professional tape measures, long tape rules, crack gauges and folding and tailor’s rules. 

Metrica’s Tools for the Measuring of Lengths Available on Mister Worker™

The field of linear measure is Metrica’s core business and it has always been one of its most successful product categories, appreciated by both professionals and hobbyists. Within this category of Mister Worker™ you will find not only the typical tape measures and meters, but also crack gauges, road meters, wheels and everything necessary for measuring lengths. Several products in this category, such as Telefix, professional telescopic gauges, crack gauges and stainless steel rules, are 100% produced in Italy following very high quality standards.

Buy Tape Measures and Folding Meters Online at Discounted Prices!

One of the most important categories is certainly that of professional measuring tapes, very common and important tools for a large variety of length measurement operations. In the Metrica catalog there are countless different measuring tape, starting from the Metrica Flash models with high visibility fluorescent tape to the tape measure with a strong magnet attached to the tape with rubberized hook to increase grip and facilitate measurement. An example is the Metrica 38597, an excellent 5m tape measure with a fixed magnet and with nylon coated anti-abrasion tape. Like the other Metrica measuring tapes, this product is characterized by an ergonomic design, compactness and smoothness of the tape.

Among the most popular models of folding rules there are undoubtedly those in fiberglass. Metrica has developed 10 models of fiberglass meters to cover all the needs of professional users: a fiberglass meter is an excellent choice for those of you that are looking for a non-conductive instrument that is particularly resistant, scratch-proof and easily washable. Some of the innovations brought on the market by Metrica lately are meters with gripping hook, with magnet or with graduation on the face always adjacent to the top, particularly useful for carpenters.

Crack Gauges, Rules, Tape Rules and Metrica Telefix for Sale on Mister Worker™

Bearer of innovation in the field of linear measurement is the Metrica NEW Graduation product line that comprises crack gauges, rules and fiberglass meters. Their special feature is that they have graduation on both sides and they therefore allow the user an easier reading of millimeters and the avoidance of reading errors.
Finally, take a look at the Telefix, the new professional telescopic meters developed by Metrica for geodesy or for makers of shutters and blinds. These professional tools allow the direct reading on graduated tape and they’re available in different models that carry out both internal and external measurements up to 10m. The Telefix features a self-locking system of every pole when completely out and a horizontal and vertical vial for correct positioning of the instrument during measurements.