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Laser measuring by METRICA

Check out now the wide variety of Metrica self leveling laser, laser distance meters, detectors and sclerometers, which are characterized by their precision and their balanced value for money ratio. 

Metrica entered the market of Laser distance meters with the product line Metrica flash, which includes distance meters from 15 to 120 meters. The instruments that form part of this product line are equipped, depending on the specific mode, with innovative functions and special features. An example is the MINI FLASH 30, which measures up until 30 meters distance: its characteristic is that it looks like a lighter with a modern design.
The Metrica Flash 120 Zoom, instead, features a with 4X zoom camera whose viewfinder can autonomously take a photo of the measured point. Last but not least, the Metrica DOUBLE laser 50 is an higly innovative measuring instrument, recognized at a global level thanks to its double laser. It allows the user to carry out instant measurements up until 50 meters distance from ceiling to floor.

Within the self leveling laser section you will find several types of levels, starting with the pocket-sized but nonetheless professional levels such as the METRICA self leveling laser 3D JUNIOR. This tool can project 3 laser planes at 360°; there are one horizontal plane and two vertical planes perpendicular to each other and they can be either red or green.
Moreover, this section includes rotating lasers such as Metrica’s BRAVOLASER Self levelling rotating lasers, for example the 60719BM or the 60821, both equipped with an automatic alignment system, IP66, SLOPE and TILT function, which ensures that the beam stops the rotation when the device is used. The products of this category come with accessoires, shockproof charging case and they all get preventively tested before being sold.

Finally, Metrica’s catalogue includes a wide range of laser accessories, for example receivers and remote control for laser levels and tripods

Should you have any doubts or need help during the process of choosing a self-leveling laser, an electronic gauge, a laser distance meter or a detector, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with technical advice with the intention of identifying that best product to suit your professional needs.