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Cutting by METRICA

On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of Metrica tools useful for several working needs: cutters, linen, lenses, scissors and shears. If you’re looking for accessories or work tools for cutting and drilling you’re exactly in the right place! 

For every professional it is really important to have efficient cutting tools in his or her assortment, as they are essential in order to carry out an accurate job. Metrica’s product line of Cutters offers a wide variety of models, in particular 20, and covers the market with blades from 4 to 25mm, with either automatic or manual locking systems.
In this section we can find super professional models like the ones featured in the ALL BLACK Blade product line, whose products have modern design and anti-slip handle and an ultra-sharp blade SK4 HRC>65 with 0.7mm thickness. 

Other products that should be mentioned are rules, squares and suction cups specific for the market of glassmakers such as glass cutters, which are really high quality german tools, scissors, shears and linen.

Between the accessories of this section we recommend the FINGERSAFE, a well-known magnetic nail holder whose double magnet allows the user to retain the nail in any position. This tool enhances the safety of the professionals that use it, as the nails are always held perpendicular to the wall. It is supplied in blister with 20 nails.