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Angled Gauges by METRICA

To measure angles with precision, is fundamental to carry out professional activities. In the Metrica catalogue available on Mister Worker™ you can find angle gauges, protractors, squares and many other precision instruments.

For what concerns angled gauges, Metrica provides not only digital instruments, but also protractors and precision squares. Some examples are the Quadranfix protractors, with a range from 0° to 180°, available in 7 different models starting from 45 cm to 150 cm with positive screw locking and two acrylic vials. The top products when it comes to digital angled gauges are the Digigrad, whose high precision performance guarantees particularly accurate measurements. 

The section is completed by professional protractors made out of Inox and equipped with screwlocking and professional, squares and precision squares. These products have been designed to satisfy the needs of all professionals, in particular for carpenters.