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MECLUBE Sanitization Systems

Buy online Meclube new sanitization kits. On Mister Worker™ you can find the complete catalogue of MecHEALTHY Air sanitization systems, available in three versions: Profy, Standard and Eco. These kits sanitize environments by means of vaporization and they can be used with Easychlor tablets for sanitization.

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Sanitization Systems MECLUBE

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Meclube MecHEALTHY Air Profy, Standard and Eco sanitization systems available on Mister Worker™

If you are looking for equipment to sanitize rooms, surfaced and objects, discover Meclube MecHealthy Air sanitization systems. Theis equipment sanitizes spaces by vaporization and it has been designed to be used with Easychlor tablets or sanitizers.

This sanitizing equipment is suitable for heavy use and is characterized by a low sound level, low engine revs and portability. The MecHealthy Air - Profy sanitization system is also ideal for the sanitization of vehicles thanks to its anti-drip vaporization system that prevents the creation of halos inside the passenger compartment.