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Pressure sprayers by MECLUBE

Meclube pressure sprayers are devices designed to nebulise detergents, disinfectants, lubricating oils and similar low density fluids. They can work independently, without connecting them continuously to compressed air, as long as they are filled for at least 3/4 of their capacity and loaded with air at a pressure of 6/8 bar.

Here you can find stainless steel pressure sprayers, even with foaming device; professional washing collectors; leather roller squeezers; and also a wide range of accessories, designed to meet all professional needs. The pressure sprayers are designed to wash mechanical parts and components of various vehicles: they have a pneumatic engine that works at low pressure, at the most 0.5 bar, which allows a continuous flow washing. In addition, they are all equipped with a removable lid, which simplifies its use when the working space is limited.

In our online store you can find, in example, the Meclube pressure sprayer in painted steel 24L: its tank has a capacity of 24 liters and is equipped with a level indicator, useful to control the amount of liquid. It is a machine useful for nebulizing detergents and disinfectants, but also for spraying low-density lubricating oils. The particularity that makes it extremely useful in many situations is that it works autonomously without the need for continuous connection to compressed air. There's also another model with foaming device, specific for cleaning with the use of detergents that produce foam.