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Hose reels by MECLUBE

Meclube hose reels are tools designed to easily use the pipes of lubrication machines, and keep them always tidy and protected from shocks, dust, humidity and corrosive liquids. Here you can find various models of hose reels, as well as a selection of pipes specific for various materials.

In our catalog you can find automatic industrial, automatic and fixed-swivelling hose reels, accessories and a wide selection of specific pipes for grease and oil. Each model of hose reel in our catalog is available in various sizes and strengths, to be chosen according to your professional needs.

Among the various models available, one of the most widespread is the fixed automatic hose reel: it is equipped with a nickel-plated brass fitting, a 90° swivel joint and viton seals. It can be fixed to the wall in various positions: with internal tube outlet, with external tube outlet, with frontal tube outlet (also on the ceiling), or fixed to a bench with front tube outlet. It occupies a small space and is ideal for intensive use, because stable fixing prevents unwanted movement.