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Grease distribution by MECLUBE

Meclube grease distribution tools are professional lubrication systems ideal for an intensive use. In addition to the classic manual grease pumps, in our catalog you can find air-operated grease pumps, pressure regulators and a wide range of accessories for manual greasers and accessories for pneumatic grease pumps.

Manual grease pumps, air-operated grease pumps, frame lifter-press for grease, nozzle for grease pumps, pressure regulators, accessories for pneumatic pumps and accessories for manual greasers: here you will find a wide range of Meclube grease distribution systems.

Manual greasers are the most classic and widespread tools among the professionals working in the maintenance of industrial machinery or vehicles. They are available both fixed, ideal for those who carry out greasing always in the same point, and wheeled, for those who work on various vehicles and need to move frequently within their plant or workshop. Air-operated grease pumps are also very popular, suitable for transferring all types of grease and for filling manual greasers. With these tools it is better to use filtered and lubricated air, to guarantee a longer useful life.

Among the best selling Meclube grease distribution tools there is the Meclube Mod. 614 air-operated grease pump for commercial barrels from 180 Kg to 220 Kg. It is a particularly suitable tool for transferring all types of grease and filling control units, dispensers and manual greasers, when a large quantity of low pressure grease and a short distance is required. The operating pressure of this grease pump may vary between a minimum of 3.5 bar and a maximum of 8 bar.