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Electric pumps for diesel fuel by MECLUBE

The perfect tools for draining diesel fuel are the Meclube electric pumps specific for this type of liquid. Here you can find a wide range of these pumps, as well as a series of specific accessories: dispensing noozles for diesel fuel transfer, electric or battery pumps, polyethylene tanks for diesel fuel storage and much more.

Working with diesel requires the use of specific tools, both for storage and for decanting. In our catalog you can find Meclube electric pumps for diesel and a series of useful Meclube accessories for diesel at a special price: if you need to renew your work equipment, this is the online store for you.

For example, here you can find the 24V Meclube electric pump for diesel transfer, with cast iron body and 100 micron stainless steel filter. It is a specific self-priming rotary electric pump for decanting the oil, with battery operation and motor with IP55 protection to avoid overheating. It is equipped with pliers and fuse and has a maximum suction height of 3 meters.