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Air operated double diaphragm pumps by MECLUBE

Meclube double diaphragm air-operated pumps are among the most flexible pumps for working with aggressive liquids, at different pressures and flow rates: for this reason they can be used for an almost unlimited number of applications. Here you can find a selection of these pumps at a special price.

Meclube double diaphgram pumps are available in various sizes suitable for different applications, and are produced with a large number of different and high quality construction materials. They can drain almost any type of liquid, even the acidic or corrosive ones, as well as fluids such as food products and glues. Their working process is divided into two parts: first, the compressed air fills the right inner chamber using the movement of the opposite membrane, and in the meantime the left chamber is in the discharge cycle; then, the compressed air fills the left chamber and drains the fluid.

In the catalog of Mister Worker™, in addition to a wide range of specific accessories, pneumatic automatic pulsation dampeners and flange connection kits, you can find different models of Meclube air-operated double diaphragm pumps. They are all equipped with an automatic stall-free and anti-freeze dispenser, which guarantees a long life to the machine and low air consumption in every situation, and are also ideal for viscous and dirty abrasive fluids. The internal pneumatic system is entirely made out of plastic, it is corrosion resistant and can drain fluids up to 6 meters deep.

As with any Meclube product, double diaphragm pumps are also submitted to dead-head, priming and hydrostatic sealing tests after assembly. Moreover, they can be customized according to your needs, adding multiple connections or modifying various details.