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Martor Catalog: Safety Knives, Blades and Cutters

Martor is a German company based in Solingen with over 80 years of experience in safer cutting solutions. In particular, MARTOR is a leader in the product segment of safety knives such as the best-selling lines: Martor Secumax, Martor Secunorm, Martor Secupro. Its wide catalog also includes cutters such as Argentax and Grafix or blades such as Snap-off-blades, Chiseling blades, Reinforced razor blades or Secumax blades. Martor’s knives and blades are used by professionals all over the world for safe and efficient cutting at the workplace. Consumers choose Martor for the quality, innovation and safety put in its products. In fact, the companies which use Martor safety knives testify that they have also managed to considerably reduce the number of cut related injuries thanks to these ingenious tools. 

Most MARTOR safety knives are used as universal knives to open a wide variety of packaging and to cut a wide variety of materials but, there are also MARTOR safety knives that are used specifically as film cutters, box knives or bag openers.

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Martor SECUPRO, SECUMAX, SECUNORM: three product families to comply with any safety needs

Martor safety knives are divided into three product families with different built-in safety technology:

The Martor SECUMAX family: Safety knives with concealed blades for highest user and goods protection such as the Martor Secumax 350 model, widely chosen by professionals.

The Martor SECUPRO family: Safety knives with fully automatic blade retraction for a very high level of user protection such as the top-selling model Martor secupro 625.

The Martor SECUNORM family: Safety knives with automatic blade retraction for a high level of user protection.

In addition, MARTOR offers a small but fine range of classic cutter knives, scrapers, scalpels and deburring knives. 

The MARTOR range of products comprehends a large selection of excellent replacement blades for each cutting tool with exchangeable blade, also. Discover also the MARTOR accessories: from belt holsters for safe transport to cutting mats as a safe base and blade boxes for safe disposal.

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