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The loading ramps are a fundamental element for anyone who needs to load and unload his truck with speed, but also for those who live in a wheelchair and find themselves having to deal with public buildings where there are no special ramps . In both cases it is useful to have folding or fixed aluminum loading ramps.


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The folding aluminum loading ramps, available in different sizes, are equipped with a high-strength structure and a safe non-slip surface, as well as a central hole that allows the anchorage to the vehicle on which they must rest. Their aluminum structure is high strength, and have a comfortable triangular profile that provides greater stability on the ground. There are also light aluminum ramps, designed to be light and easy to transport: they can be equipped with a ramp handle, an essential accessory for those who must continuously move the loading ramp, which is applied to the central part and allows convenient transport.

There are also fixed aluminum loading ramps, available in several lengths: in this case, they are not re-sealable aluminum platforms, useful for those who must always keep them in the same place. These loading ramps are also designed to be anchored safely and have a non-slip surface.

Both the folding aluminum loading ramps and the fixed loading ramps are elevating systems with a high load capacity, which also depends on the length of the ramp itself: we speak of professional loading ramps that can withstand weights up to 950 kilograms.

All the ramps in the Mister Worker™ catalog are all certified by TÜV, a German technical inspection association that performs rigid and controlled safety tests before declaring a safe product. Equipping oneself with such a safe loading ramp is an investment for one's own professional and personal security.