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Mister Worker™ has the solution for anyone looking for a telescopic ladder, a bunk ladder, a simple ladder or a transformable ladder. Suitable for many uses, the aluminum ladders in our catalog are stable and reliable, and all have passed stringent security checks.

The aluminum telescopic ladder is the favorite of many of our customers, because it can be used in different positions and can reach different heights. A telescopic ladder can be used as a double ladder when it is necessary to reach not too high heights; as a lame ladder, in the presence of a difference in height; or as an elongated ladder, if one needs to go high enough. As for all the scales in the catalog, different sizes of telescopic scale are available, to make it useful for different types of jobs. It is equipped with a patented steel joint and has a patented safety system, which makes it easy to open and re-closable. The non-slip feet are knurled, to ensure maximum adherence to the ground, and the solid steel structure makes it the best choice for those who want maximum safety.

The home-made aluminum ladder is also very popular, available in different models. The most useful to use at home is certainly the domestic ladder with multifunction tray: it is equipped with a high quality plastic parapet, with a handy tray in which to house cleaning products or small hand tools to carry out repairs of various types. The feet and the support platform are knurled and non-slip, to ensure safety and stability, while the steps (always anti-slip) are wide and safe.

The warehouse ladder is much more professional: it is a high-range staircase, in compliance with EN 131/7. The ramp is designed to be wide and comfortable, with the right inclination to make the climb comfortable and simple, while the steps are wide and anti-slip, although there is a comfortable and secure handrail to hold up even more firmly. At the base of the scale there is a stabilizer with ergonomic pads, and the wheels have a diameter chosen to make the 100% stable bunk staircase. Furthermore, when the ladder is in working position, the automatic braking system is activated by itself, and then deactivated when the ladder is lifted and moved.

Also available in the catalog are triangular aluminum ladders, specific for all activities related to agriculture and cultivation, but also simple fruit-bearing scales and single flared-based or parallel-uprights.