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Workshop supplies by KUKKO

Discover a wide range of KUKKO workshop supplies on Mister Worker™: tilt-resistant tool trolleys, blank wall panels and panels with work equipment to neatly store KUKKO products in your workshop.

On Mister Worker™ you can buy a wide selection of functional wall panels, such as WT-000 blank wall panel of size 500 x 1000 mm. But there are also many wall panels with assortments of tools carefully selected thanks to KUKKO’s many years of experience in various industries. 

The series WT-002 comes with both a wall panel and TOP set of tools for hydraulic exterior pulling, such as the universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws 20-10+ and 20-20+, 2-jaw cross bars 20-1-T and 20-2-T, 3-jaw cross bars 30-1-T, 30-2-T and 30-20-T3. This assortment is also available in the version BASIC (series WT-003) and BASIC+ (series WT-003+S).

There are also wall panes with a puller product range dedicated to internal pulling (series WT-017 and WT-018), to separating devices (series WT-019), the automotive sector (series WT-004 and WT-005) and commercial vehicles (series WT-008 and WT-010).

KUKKO K-CUBEBOXX is the tilt-resistant roller cabinet you need in your workshop. It has a steady design, smooth and stable load castors. Its height is ideal for use in workshops and industry.