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Discover here the best deals for Kukko’s professional tools: use this unique chance to purchase discounted top-quality pullers, separation and extraction tools, hammers, tool sets and much more!

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Exclusive offers on Kukko products

All Kukko products are produced taking into consideration the specific needs of professionals. Thanks to Mister Worker™ you have access to a great selection of tools for affordable prices: take the chance and stock up on Kukko tools! 

Pullers and Puller Sets

In our special offers you can find, first of all, some of Kukko’s best seller products, such as the universal 3-jaw puller with swiveling jaws and the universal 2-jaw puller with swiveling jaws. They’re two highly professional tools with a strong design and high performance: thanks to a spindle head band which prevents the wrench from slipping off and guarantees a safe and easy pulling process.

These products can be purchased also in sets such as the discounted k-2030-10 universal 2-jaw and 3-jaw puller set which is equipped with quick-adjusting pulling jaws. The set facilitates the assembly of eight different pulling device models through the combination of pulling jaws and extensions and it can be used not only to remove bearings, but also gears, discs and so on.

Selecthor hammers

Moreover, we suggest you take a look at the selection of discounted Selecthor hammers, such as the Selecthor soft-faced hammer with GU/KU elements, the Selector soft-faced hammer with nylon impact elements or the Selecthor soft-faced hammer with plastic impact elements. All these tools are equipped with an anti-rebound inlay and they guarantee maximum impact power with minimal joint strain. 

Ball bearing and bolt extraction tool sets 

Discover our special offers on extraction sets, which include all the elements that you need to carry out the full extraction process. Check out, for example, the ball bearing extracting set with counterstay and slide hammer and the bolt extraction set with drills and drill-guides.

Mister Worker provides you with technical assistance and advice

Contact us to receive further information and technical assistance and check our Special offers section to keep yourself updated about the latest offers!