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Screw and bolt extractors by KUKKO

Mister Worker™ is an official dealer where you can buy screw and bolt extractors by KUKKO at the best prices. Contact us for custom quotes: we ship KUKKO tools worldwide.

How to remove a broken screw or bolt? You need to use a screw extractor bit and in the KUKKO catalogue you can find a wide range of tools for the extraction of bolts and screws. 

For example, KUKKO 49-U is a bolt extractor with drills and drill-guide: the guide provides vertical guidance of the drill, making the extracting operation quick and easy. It is indicated to remove worn bolts with a diameter of 4 to 20 mm. It is recommended to use a protective blanket.

If you are looking for a bolt extractor set, KUKKO 49-U-B is a practical universal set with 25 pieces. Its strong design the guarantees high performance and a long service life. 

KUKKO 49-T-1 bolt extractors “Super Traction are made in chrome vanadium steel and they are also available in the convenient set KUKKO 49-T-A with 5 pieces.

If you need to buy a stud extractor, in our catalogue you can find stud pullers with internal serration (KUKKO 50, 51), stud pullers for confined spaces (KUKKO 53) and stud pullers with extra wide working range (KUKKO 52).