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Puller tool sets by KUKKO

Discover the complete catalogue of KUKKO puller sets: there are tool sets for external pullers, internal pullers, bearing removal and fitting, maintenance, automotive and commercial vehicles. 

Are you looking for a practical set that contains all the tools you need for external extracting?
KUKKO K-2030-10 is a 8-in-1 kit for the removal of bearings, gears and discs. This set facilitates the assembly of 8 different pulling device models through the combination of pulling jaws and extensions. K-2030-10 comes in the KUKKO-L-Boxx-System, these boxes allow you to keep your tools safely stored in a special foam and always neatly organized, checking the completeness of your assortment at a glance. You also have easy access to the instructions, which always remain visible in the cover of the box, explaining the content of the set, usage diagrams and safety tips.

For internal extraction, the series KUKKO 25, this is a perennial favorite for extracting inner bearings, bearing outer rings and bushings. The model 25-A is a 8 pieces set of bearing extracting tools from 12 to 46 mm. These internal pullers have an inside safety stop that protects them from excess tension and overload. The instructions included in the set allow you to quickly understand which is the best tool you should be using.