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Nut splitting by KUKKO

KUKKO has the right tool you need for splitting tight or over-twisted nuts without damaging the bolt thread.
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Nut splitting KUKKO

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A nut splitter is an essential tool that every professional worker should have in his or her assortment of tools.
When a nut is damaged or seized, it can be very difficult to remove it with a wrench or a socket and using these tools we also risk to round off the nut’s corners. The best thing to do in this situation is to use a nut splitter, which is a tool composed of a frame that partly or completely encircles the nut, a chisel that when pressed into the nut breaks it and a screw that controls the chisel.

KUKKO 54 is the series of double-edged, mechanic nut splitters that can exert twice the normal splitting force on irretrievable nuts in quality classes 5, 6 and 8. These tools have two hardened chisel cutting edges and are suitable for splitting nuts with a size of 10-36 mm. KUKKO K-54-B is a mechanical nut splitter set containing two double-edged models and also two replacement chisels.

For splitting tight or over-twisted nuts without damaging the bolt thread of quality grades 6, KUKKO 55 single-edged, mechanical nut splitters is also a valid tool.