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Internal pullers by KUKKO

Shop online the complete catalogue of KUKKO tools: Mister Worker™ is an official dealer where you can buy internal pullers, needle bearing extractors and much more at the best prices.

Internal pullers are an essential tool that will help you every time you need to extract inner bearings, rings, bushings or other parts that are located in a recess instead of a shaft.

Before purchasing an internal puller, we advise you to determine the interior diameter of the ball bearing. Internal extractors with a 2-shell and a 3-shell design are indicated for the ball bearings with an internal diameter of 5-200 mm. The series KUKKO 21 is an example of internal pullers with a 2-shell design that delivers safe extractions thanks to its extra-large grasp edges.
Segmented internal extractors are recommended for a safe extraction of parts in small spaces, such as a diameter of 5-78 mm. In this case we advise you to choose within the series KUKKO 21-E which has extra fine grasp edges.
Finally, for a diameter of 9,6-25 mm, needle bearing extractors are the best choice.

Internal pullers can be used in combination with a counterstay if there is a supporting surface, however you have to make sure that the counterstay does not block the part being removed. On the other hand, if there is no supporting surface you will have to use a slide hammer device.

Accessories for internal pullers are also available in the KUKKO catalog: there are extensions for the extraction of parts that are located deep inside a bushing and thread adapters to be used with slide hammers.