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Hydraulic pullers by KUKKO

On Mister Worker™ you can shop the complete catalogue of KUKKO pulling and extracting tools with hydraulic rams. Contact us for a custom quote, we ship our products worldwide.

If you are looking for a sturdy hydraulic puller that will improve your productivity in repair shops or industrial facilities, check out our selection of hydraulic pullers and extractors from KUKKO. Thanks to their German made design, these tools can exert a precisely defined hydraulic force and deliver careful and gentle applications.

For safe and quick disassembly of the hub on commercial vehicles, KUKKO offers you the Hydraulic wheel puller for low-floor bus: MB Citaro, MAN, Neoplan Y-60-100. This tool is equipped with a 30-tonne cylinder ram, it has a gentle removal process that will allow you to loosed even very tight and difficult to remove hubs. 

For use in commercial vehicles, the pipe industry, tank cleaning, the petrochemical industry, steel construction and mining, we recommend you purchase the Pump driven hydraulic nut splitter in a case Y-57. This hydraulic nut splitter has a compact and ergonomic construction that guarantees easy handling. It is a single-acting tool with spring return.

When you purchase KUKKO tools spare parts are never an issue. Almost all components are available as replacement parts and the precise numbering system allows you to quickly find the part you need.