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Hammers by KUKKO

Shop KUKKO tools online! Mister Worker™ is an official reseller where you can buy Selecthor, the new champion of soft-faced hammers from KUKKO.

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When you are dealing with materials that require careful handling, such as ceramics and thin walled components, it might be challenging to apply force precisely while also protecting the material. KUKKO Selecthor soft-faced hammer was designed specifically for these situations. This hammer maximizes the impact power and generates 1.5 times more impact energy thanks to its unique and innovative anti-kickback inlay. The housing is made of premium steel investment casting and the impact inserts of these hammers are replaceable, so that you can choose between different materials: rubber, nylon and plastic. In this way, you are always able to choose the impact hardness that best adapts to your application. This hammer’s ergonomic handle is made of high quality hickory wood, ensuring both resistance and fatigue-free work.

The black rubber insert is made of polyurethane (PU), it has a harness of 2/5, a wear-resistance of 3/5 and it is recommended for construction, gardening, landscaping, plastering, laying floor tiles, etc.

The red plastic insert is made of cellulose acetate (CA), it has a harness of 3/5, a wear-resistance of 3/5 and it is designed for applications in toolmaking and mechanical engineering, edging and bending, car body construction, etc.

The white nylon insert is made of nylon polyamide 6 (PA 6), it has a harness of 4/5, a wear-resistance of 5/5 and it can be used in foundries, mold making, automotive repair, etc. 

On Mister Worker™ you can find the Selecthor soft-faced hammer with plastic impact elements on sale, available in a hammer head length of 92, 116, 138 and 149 mm. Take this chance to purchase it at a discounted price, we ship KUKKO tools worldwide!