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External pullers by KUKKO

KUKKO tools have a strong design that always delivers high performance. Discover a wide range of external pullers for the removal of bearings, gears and discs on Mister Worker™.

Our website is an official dealer where you can shop the complete KUKKO catalogue and find the tools you need among a broad selection of pullers specifically designed for various types of applications.

To choose an external puller you will have to carefully consider the space accessible around the item you have to remove. In particular, the diameter of the object defines the spreads, its depth indicates the maximum reach, and the space available below the item defines the puller jaw size. Once you have taken those measurements, you can move on to select the type of puller you are looking for depending on the task you need to do.

For example, if you need a versatile puller that can be used in different applications, we recommend you purchase a puller with sliding parallel jaws. Among the best selling pullers in this category you will find the line KUKKO 20, these 2-jaw pullers are available in a wide range of sizes, with a depth ranging from 100 to 300 mm and a spread ranging from 90 to 750 mm. On the other hand, pullers with self-centering jaws are preferred when the same removal application occurs, pullers with swivelling jaws are recommended for those who do the same removal application but at different depths. Last but not least, pullers with side clamps are suggested for those who need to remove flush-mounted parts or bearings and need to make sure that the jaws will not slip off during the operation. As an example of this latter kind of tools, check out the series KUKKO 204: these 2-jaw bearing pullers are named "Cobra", and they are equipped with separating claw and side clamp.