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Bearings removal and fitting by KUKKO

KUKKO offers a wide selection of tools and accessories for ball bearing removal and fitting. Mister Worker™ is an official reseller offering worldwide express shipment and custom quotes.

When you need to remove ball bearings located inside a casing while also being on a shaft, you are required to extract grooved ball bearings without damaging the shaft, or if there is no shaft you can use as support, KUKKO tools are what you need to get the job done.

To choose the ball bearing extractor best suited to your needs, we will provide you with all the necessary information. First, find out the size of the ball bearing by checking its ISO number. Then, you have to take into consideration whether the ball bearing will be replaced after its removal or if it can be reused.
The series KUKKO 69 is only suitable in first case, while the series KUKKO 70 Pullpo is optimal in both cases. In particular, the 70 series is recommended for non-destructive pulling activities. These pullers do not damage the ball bearings as the jaws of the puller arm grip between the ball and the outer ring of the bearing. When the support on a shaft is not possible, Pullpo can also be used in combination with a slide hammer. KUKKO 70-A is the best selling product in this category.

For the fitting of bearings, check out the series KUKKO 71. Furthermore, to facilitate the fitting of a ball bearing onto a shaft, KUKKO also produces an inductive heater (T-AW-20 and T-AW-40) that makes the mounting of bearings easier: once the ball bearing cools down it is securely pressed to the shaft.