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Automotive by KUKKO

In the KUKKO catalog there is a special section dedicated to the automotive and track sectors. Shop online a wide range of tools for the removal of axles, for exhaust systems, brake systems and much more.

If you are looking for axle removal tools, KUKKO 226 offers a pulling device for the removal of hubs on SAF and BPW axes for cars and commercial vehicles, which also includes pressure pads and extensions.
For track axles, there is KUKKO K-226: a pulling device with auxiliary hydraulic ram. On the other hand, if you need a flang type axle puller, KUKKO 230 is the tool for you. 

In the tools for brake systems section, you can buy the brake caliper tool set KUKKO 126 for quick, timesaving repair. This set includes a pulling hook for brake linings, piston resetting equipment, brake piston brackets, piston turning pliers and a brake caliper brush.
If you need a brake piston retractor for 6-piston brake calipers, KUKKO 126-15 has a universal fit and a solid design. If you are searching for a 2-jaw puller for brake linkage adjusters, KUKKO 204-30 is equipped with clamps that prevent any slippage.

If you want to buy a tool for ball joint extracting, KUKKO 128 extractors are sturdy tools suitable for extracting ball pins when dismantling ball joints or track-rod ends on track rods.