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Are you looking for top-class hand tools, accessories and spare parts made in Germany? Then, you’re in the right place. Mister Worker® has once again widened its broad catalog of professional tools by including KS Tools, the well-known German manufacturer of hand tools, power tools, storage solutions as well as equipment for sectors like automotive or plumbing.

On our online shop you can find the best-selling items of this brand, such as socket sets, ratchets, as well as tool boxes or the famous Ergotorque tool line sold at competitive prices, together with the benefit of an immediate delivery wherever you prefer.

As an official distributor, Mister Worker® only sells original, manufacturer-certified, high-quality tools. Therefore, you can be sure that on our site you will find products of the finest standards.

KS Tools: premium hand tools for every need

The company was established in 1992 in Germany by Karl-Heinz and Stephan Schott. The business started with just a few employees and a restricted range of tools. In particular, they focused on the best known product markets for sanitary tools. In the following years, the firm quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality items, capable of fulfilling the requirements of professionals from various sectors.

Over the years, KS Tools continued to expand its product line, in addition to expanding its customer base. In 2000, the company opened a new production facility in Germany to meet the increasing demand for its products. In 2003, the business opened a subsidiary in France, which allows for a widening of its distribution network and to reach new customers in Europe. Then, the firm founded branches in other European countries, such as Denmark or Norway, to further consolidate its position.

In 2012, the business celebrated its 20th anniversary and continued to innovate as well as expand its product line. The company introduced new tools, plus storage solutions (such as tool boxes or trolleys), created to give professionals spacious, organized products for storing their tools and accessories.

Today, KS Tools is a well-established brand that is known for producing high-quality tools, which are exported to over 135 countries in the world. The firm keeps on innovating its product catalog (that includes superior quality items such as socket sets, ratchets, knives or torque wrenches), on investing in research and development, with the aim of fulfilling at best the expectations of an increasingly broad as well as varied customer base.

Why choose KS Tools?

The constant study for innovation and improvement of its product line are at the heart of the efforts of the founders as well as the team. More than 350 employees in 9 branches worldwide help drive this motivation forward, in addition to guiding all together the company towards continued success and growth. Furthermore, the brand has always distinguished itself from its competitors by the impeccable performance of its tools, its advantageous price-performance ratio, its orientation towards ever more advanced solutions, plus its flexibility. An example of the brand's uniqueness is the Ergotorque line, a selection of torque wrenches and socket sets designed to provide incredibly accurate torque control for a broad variety of applications.

There are several reasons why one might choose KS Tools hand tools, storage solutions and power tools. To create its items, the firm uses only the best materials, along with the most advanced technologies, to ensure that its products meet the highest quality standards. Furthermore, each product, from the socket sets to torque wrenches or the tool boxes, is designed to be ergonomic as well as user-friendly, making it comfortable to use even for extended periods of time.

Moreover, the company offers a lifetime warranty on a vast part of its products, giving customers peace of mind knowing that their tools are built to last, in addition they are covered by official guarantees. Whether you are a mechanic, electrician, or a plumber, this famous German manufacturer supplies you with all the tools you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Check out the complete catalog: socket sets, Ergotorque torque wrenches, tool boxes and more

Mister Worker® aims to expand its high quality tools and equipment offer, in order to satisfy in the best way possible the requirements of professionals from diverse fields. This is why we decided to include the KS Tools catalog. On our online shop you can purchase everything you need to complete your daily activities: from hand tools, to storage solutions, plus power tools or automotive tools. Buy the most appropriate item for your needs at the best price and let it be shipped to everywhere you prefer.

One of the brand’s top-selling items is without any doubt the 917.0779 socket set, including 179 different pieces. The sockets are realized with an innovative FlankTraction profile, as well as in high-quality chrome vanadium. They have a 6-point structure and a matt finish. The socket set comes in a resistant case, which ensures a neat organization, plus a safe storage of the content. An analogue article is the 917.0795 socket set, which contains 195 pieces, or the 917.0216 set, incorporating 216 sockets.

See also the 515.1270 miniMONSTER impact wrench, ensuring a torque level of 1.390 Nm. This item has a non-slip soft grip handle that ensures a comfortable handling. Additionally, the handle has an intelligent air exhaust function. The torque can be set to 3 different steps for higher performances. Then, the incredibly light aluminum structure facilitates the utilization of the tool for prolonged times.

Take a look at the Ergotorque® precision torque wrench, equipped with a superior-quality rotating ratchet head. This tool provides an actuation precision of ±3 % tolerance of the set scale value, along with a reading accuracy for a minimum 5.000 tightening cycles. In addition, the rotation direction (clockwise and counterclockwise) can be modified by just rotating the square drive piece. This torque wrench has a double scale in Nm and lbf•ft divisions, in order to guarantee accurate adjustment. Lastly, the tool emits a clearly audible signal when the desired torque value is reached.

Last but not least, you should consider the 500.8480 heat gun set, of 6 pieces. This item is particularly suitable for rusted, seized connections or 'insoluble' bonded connections. Then, this heat gun, which works through induction principle, is able to heat components up to max. 790 °C. Among others, this tool can be utilized on screws, nuts and bolts, exhaust clamps, pipes, together with many other objects.

Continue to explore the vast brand catalog and discover other top-performing items, such as the 150.1495 digital multimeter or the 150.4495 foldable workshop lamp.

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As an official, authorized online supplier, Mister Worker® offers original products and ships them in over 180 countries. This means that you can easily receive high-quality socket sets, torque wrenches or tool boxes in the USA or Canada, even in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.