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Wire Strippers and Dismantling Tools by KNIPEX

Discover the entire range of Knipex wire strippers and dismantling tools: from automatic insulation wire strippers passing through insulation wire strippers and precision stripping tools to diagonal insulation strippers, on Mister Worker™ you will find everything you need to carry out stripping operations!

Universal insulation strippers and precision stripping tools

Discover our wide range of Knipex universal insulation wire strippers, such as the 11 12 160 universal insulation stripper for single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation up to 5.0 mm dia. or 10 mm² cable cross-section. Moreover, check out Knipex’s precision stripping tools such as the 12 12 02 precision insulation stripper with adapted blades: its handles with multi-component grips and it enables the Form-fit stripping also of difficult-to-remove insulating materials made of PTFE, silicone, Radox®, Kapton® and rubber.

Automatic and self-adjusting insulation strippers

Insulation Strippers are really important tools for electricians, as they allow them to remove insulating materials out of silicone, rubber and so on in a safe way. Knipex’s insulation strippers are designed for precise stripping, particularly important with conductors: check out, for example, the diagonal Insulation Strippers, the precision Insulation Strippers and the insulation Strippers with adapted blades!

Knipex has developed the patented MultiStrip 10, a really versatile automatic insulation stripper which allows the user to carry out the stripping operations without the need to re-adjust manually from 0.03 to 10 mm². The peculiarity of this tool is that the incision depth of the stripping blade adjusts fully automatically to the diameter of the wire and accordingly also to the thickness of all standard insulating materials, avoiding, in this way, any damage to the conductors.