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Tool Bags and Tool Cases by KNIPEX

If you’re looking for a complete range of high-quality hand tools or you want to renew your assortment of pliers and screwdrivers, take a look at Knipex tool bags and cases, which contain up to 24 different tools for every application or can be purchased on their own!

Discover a wide range of tool bags and cases, available in different models and shapes, all made of high-quality materials that are impact-resistant and easy to carry.

Tool bags and cases including Tools

A good example is the 00 21 25 Tool Box "SRZ" equipped with Circlip Pliers, with a selection of  high quality pliers, dismantling tools, cutters and  wrenches contained in a comfortable impact-resistant plastic case.

Moreover, we suggest you check out the rigid tool case “vision 24” 00 21 20, thought for the specific needs of electricians. It contains 20 branded name tools, partially VDE tested according to DIN EN/IEC 60900. The tough ratchet hinges hold the lid open where necessary despite the deadweight of the tools. It includes, for example, a Self-Adjusting Insulation Stripper, Pliers Wrench and a Cobra® and Hightech Water Pump Pliers and 3 models of screwdrivers. It is made out of heavy duty ABS material with circumferential double aluminium frame and strong, ergonomic handle and one one removable tool board in the lid with 15 push-in compartments on the bottom side and six big push-in compartments and a clamp compartment (400 mm width) on the lid side.

Check out the Tool case “ROBUST 45 MOVE” ELECTRO 00 21 37, a dustproof, airtight and watertight case made from impact-resistant polypropylene. It includes various tool boards made from dirt-repelling twin-wall PP sheet with space for 54 tool pouches and 94 tool slings.

Empty tool bags and cases

You can also purchase a wide range of empty tool bags and tool cases, available both in polyester fabric such as the Tool Bag “LightPack“  00 21 01 TL or in heavy duty ABS material as the Tool Case “BIG Twin-Move” 00 21 41 LE with integrated rollers and telescopic handle, empty. It is equipped with a sturdy aluminium frame and a maximum load of 30 kg. 

If you do not know how to choose the best tools for your needs and need help with your purchase, send an email to [email protected] explaining what kind of pliers you are looking for: our team of experts will guide you in your choice.