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On Mister Worker™ you can find a selection of the best Knipex tools online at really affordable prices! Have a look at all our amazing special offers on Pliers, End Cutters, Diagonal Cutters, Wire Strippers, Pipe Wrenches and Pipe cutters.

Special Offers on Electronics Pliers and Crimping Pliers

Within our special offers section, you can find a wide range of pliers for different professions at unmissable prices! First of all, discover a wide range of electronics pliers such as the 64 62 120 ESD, amazing precision pliers with an oblique end cutter and a mini-blade ESD for ultra-fine cutting work, especially in the field of electronics and fine mechanics. We also suggest the discounted 35 32 115 electronics precision pliers, for gripping, holding and bending, characterized by their round, long and pointed jaws. Finally, we would like to focus on the 97 51 10 crimping pliers, professional tool for cutting and stripping unshielded ribbon telephone cables through parallel crimping.

Offers on Knipex Diagonal Cutters and Cable Cutters 

Another tool that we warmly recommend is the Electronic Super Knips®, patented diagonal cutter with electrically discharging handles which ensures the most precise cutting of even the thinnest of wires and for a long service life. Moreover, check out our promotions on the 70 26 160 insulated diagonal cutter perfect for all-round use and on the 95 32 340 SR ratchet action cable cutter which can cut through aluminium conductor cable with steel core up to a diameter of 32 mm and, 

Special Prices on Patented Knipex Tools: Preciforce®, Cobra®, Alligator® e Twinforce®

First of all, have a look at the professional Preciforce® crimping pliers, which ensures repetitive, high crimping quality due to precision dies and its self-releasing mechanism. This tool, thanks to lever for fatigue-reduced operation, guarantees optimum transmission of force and good handling tools.

In Mister Worker™ Special Offers you can find also some of the top-selling Knipex products at special prices, in particular the ones that are included in the category of water pump pliers, for example the Cobra® and Alligator®.
If you’re looking for a tool that autonomously sets itself in the required opening size for the operation that you’re about to carry out, then the Knipex 87 03 125 Cobra® is perfect for you: its fine adjustment takes place just by pushing a button and you can find at an unmissable price!
The main advantage of Knipex 88 02 300 T Alligator® and, more in general, of the whole Alligator product line is that these tools have 30% more gripping capacity and, thanks to their self-locking function on pipes and nuts and their 9-notch adjustment positioning, they ensure more output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers.
Finally, we suggest the 73 72 180 Twinforce® high performance diagonal cutters: it has a patented double joint Ideal transmission of force due to double-hinged design and it is the most reliable tool for cuts of all kinds of wire, both for rough and for very fine cutting.

Knipex discounted Plier Sets and Tool Cases:

If you need a new assortment of high-quality and long-lasting Knipex tools, we recommend you choose from our sets of pliers and tool cases, also available without the equipment of tools. For example, take a look at the set of 6 circlip pliers in a foam tray or at the 00 20 15 Rigid Tool Box "RED", including 4 VDE tested pliers in an high quality, versatile and shock-resistant plastic case.

Should you need further information or require technical assistance, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to reply to you as soon as possible!