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Plier sets and tool sets by KNIPEX

Find the perfect assortment of high-quality tools for your needs thanks to Knipex tool kits and cases: tool rolls, plier sets in foam trays, tool bags including a selection of the best pliers, strippers, cutters and chisels on the market!

Pliers Sets

Being a worldwide-renowned plier producer, Knipex also offers a wide variety of plier sets and tool sets, that provide you with a selection of their best pliers. These sets, available in pouches, foam trays or cases, often contain some of Knipex’s bestsellers, such as the Water Pump Pliers Alligator® or Cobra®. Check out the best sets of circlip pliers, electronics pliers or sets of different types of pliers available on the market!

If you’re looking for a set 4 different kinds of pliers, we suggest you purchase a kit in a foam tray, really practical to be stored in tool trolleys: the pliers are held in precisely-sized recesses and this avoids the risk that they fall. An example is the plier set “Automotive”, containing combination and long reach needle nose pliers and an high leverage diagonal cutter: everything you need to carry out complex operations in the automotive sector!
If you would like to purchase a set of tools for electronics, instead, we warmly suggest Knipex’s 00 20 18, a comprehensive assortment of pliers and screwdrivers for electronics that comes in a practical shock-resistant box.

Within Knipex’s catalogue here on Mister Worker™ you can find not only such plier sets in foam trays or cases, but also in pouches that contain mini pliers sets. For example, check out the pouch 00 20 72 V02, a practical set of diagonal cutters and Cobra high-tech water pump pliers.

Knipex Tool Kits

Knipex offers a wide range of tool kits including not only pliers but also screwdrivers and diagonal cutters. Most of them contains 3 or 6 high quality hand tools. An example is the 3-pieces tool kit 00 20 11 V01, that includes the essentials to any maintenance professional’s assortment: combination pliers, diagonal cutter and cutting pliers in an attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation.
Another example is Cobra® Set, which includes 3 pliers of Knipex’s well known Cobra product line in different sizes in a resistant plastic tray with transparent lid. There are also some sets thought specifically for the needs of electricians such as the 00 20 12 V02 Set of VDE Screwdrivers: it includes 6 chrome-plated screwdrivers for slotted and cross-recessed screws.