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Insulated Tools by KNIPEX

The full range of Knipex insulated tools is carefully tested to safeguard the user. Thanks to Mister Worker™ you can now purchase a vide variety of insulated pliers, cable shears and cutters, crimping pliers and many other tools which are perfect for electricians’ needs.

Knipex insulated tools

Especially when working on electrical installations, professionals must be able to trust their tools, which have to guarantee the user’s safety. For this reason, Knipex’s line of insulated tools offer the greatest possible safety, reliability and performance and meet statutory requirements such as the German DIN VDE 0105 and the international EN 50110 and IEC 60364; most KNIPEX tools are insulated are approved for work up to 1000 V AC. Other procedures check the reliability and durability of the insulation of every single product towards heat, cold, tensile and impact force. Check out a wide variety of insulated Strippers, insulated cross tip screwdriversinsulated pliers and clamps and much more!

Knipex insulated pliers, wrenches, knives and much more

Within the category of  you can find a wide choice of insulated, VDE-tested tools made out of high quality special materials. Check out, for example, Knipex's insulated cable knives, such as the 98 55 dismantling knife with a VDE insulating multi-component handle, and a solid, fixed hook blade. In this category you will also find torque and socket wrenches: take a look at the 98 33 25 insulated Torque wrench with driving square, available in 2 different models. Its screw lock guarantees the easy and secure locking of attached sockets.
Finally, take a look at the wide range of Knipex insulated screwdrivers, such as the 98 26 10 Screwdriver for TORX® screws whose ergonomically optimised dual component handle reduces fatigue whilst working and ensures optimum transmission of force.

If you would like to renew your equipment of insulated tools, we strongly suggest the 98 99 12 standard tool case featuring 26 insulated tools, perfect for works on electrical installations, which comes in a handy shock-resistant plastic case.