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Grip Pliers by KNIPEX

In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find different kinds of Knipex heavy duty grip pliers, such as universal grip pliers and welding grip pliers. Discover here the entire range of Knipex grip pliers!

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Knipex Universal Grip Pliers

Universal Grip Pliers are heavy duty models: their body is made with high resistant rolled steel while the gripping jaws are made in chrome vanadium steel. They hold round and flat material securely and have a high clamping pressure due to toggle lever action. In fact, these pliers have an adjustment screw and an internal release lever and they can be comfortably used with one hand. If you are specifically looking for a universal grip plier with one pivoting jaw check out the model 40 14 250!

Knipex Grip Pliers

In the Knipex catalog there are five styles of grip pliers:
- Style 0 - jaws for round workpieces, with wire cutters
- Style 1 - jaws with double prism for round, section and flat materials
- Style 2 - straight jaws for flat materials
- Style 3 - long-nose grip pliers, narrow, long jaws;
- Style 4 - long-nose grip pliers, narrow, long jaws; very suitable for areas that are difficult to reach; non-serrated gripping area for pinching off hoses.

Knipex Welding Grip Pliers

If you are looking for pliers with heat resistant malleable cast iron jaws, check out this selection of Welding Grip Pliers. These models are used to securely hold in place material during welding; an example is the 42 24 280 welding grip pliers bright zinc plated, which holds securely round or tubular material items lying centrally side by side

If you do not know how to choose the best tools for your needs and need help with your purchase, send an email to [email protected] explaining what kind of pliers you are looking for: our team of experts will guide you in your choice.