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Diagonal Cutters by KNIPEX

On Mister Worker™ you can shop a wide range of KNIPEX plier cutters: Discover our selection of of high-quality diagonal cutters, bolt cutters and end cutting nippers characterized by extreme precision and durability!

Knipex diagonal cutters are indispensable tools for all-round use. They are made in high quality material and precise workmanship to ensure a long service life. Their precision cutting edges make them suitable for cutting soft and hard wire and for the clean cutting of thin copper wires. The narrow head style is also useful for use in confined areas. The next generation of Knipex diagonal cutters has 20% higher cutting force compared to previous models, longer cutting edges and high cutting force due to optimum cutting geometry and transmission ratio. 

Electro-Mechanics’ Diagonal Cutters

If you need a cutter for electromechanics, check out Knipex series 76. These tools have sharp, precisely aligned cutting edges for soft, hard wire and piano wires. Their cutting edge hardness is approximately 63 HRC.
The model 76 12 125 has a low-friction double spring for gentle and even opening, model 76 22 125 is without bevel for flush cutting of soft wires and has a low-friction double spring for gentle and even opening, while model 76 81 125 has a particularly tapered head with small bevel for work in confined areas.


Are you looking for compact diagonal cutters with high lever transmission? The Knipex X-Cut is the all-rounder, compact and light, powerful and precise. This cutter precisely cuts the finest strands as well as multi-core cables and piano wires. Its high cutting capacity requires 40 % less effort compared to diagonal cutters of the same length, thanks to the optimum co-ordination of cutting-edge angle and leverage ratio.


If you are looking for cutters with an exceptional cutting performance check out Knipex CoBolt cutters! These tools require 60% less effort compared to conventional high-leverage diagonal cutters. Their ingenious lever-action mechanism ensures an extremely favourable lever ratio with very little friction. As a result, the cutting force is about 30 times higher than the hand force applied. With precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire as well as piano wire, the Knipex CoBlot cutter cuts components like bolts, nails, rivets, etc. up to 5.2 mm dia.