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Crimping Pliers by KNIPEX

Here on Mister Worker™ you can choose the best Knipex crimping pliers for micro plugs, for two-hand operations and for connectors, crimping dies and locators for crimping pliers and dies. What are you waiting for?

Crimping Pliers

From universal crimping pliers to specific pliers for connectors or for wire end sleeves Knipex has you covered: on Mister Worker™ you will find everything you need! An example of universal Crimping Pliers is the black lacquered 97 21 215 Crimping pliers for cutting cables, stripping wire and crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and plug type connectors. It is equipped with threaded holes for cutting copper and brass screws and it has a bolted joint which guarantees higher stability and even movement.

In order to satisfy the particularly high standards of small connectors, Knipex has developed different models of Crimping Pliers for micro plugs for parallel crimping: this tools ensure high crimping quality due to precision dies and its self-releasing mechanism. 

Find out the advantages of Four-Mandrel Crimping Pliers for turned contacts, equipped with a mandrel gauge to check the basic setting and optimum transmission of force due to highly effective lever action for fatigue-reduced operation. An example is the innovative Four-Mandrel crimping pliers for turned contacts 97 52 63 DG A, whose handy shape and digital display guarantee a great user experience. Moreover, it is equipped with a re-calibration function with electronic wear monitoring.

Finally, check out the 97 52 10 crimping pliers for two-hand operations: thanks to its shape and ergonomically shaped handles, this tool allows easy crimping of large conductor diameters. Its use is made easier thanks to its ingenious lever transmission, that reduces the necessary handforce up to 30 % compared with regular crimping pliers.

Knipex eCrimp, MultiCrimp and Crimp system Pliers

Among Knipex most innovative tools the eCrimp, MultiCrimp and Crimp system Pliers should be mentioned. First of all, the high-quality eCrimp 97 43 E is an electromechanical crimp system with exchangeable crimping dies. Ergonomically optimised, eCrimp guarantees a user-friendly working height during workshop operations, it is designed to only require servicing after 25,000 crimping actions and it is equipped with a powerful li-ion rechargeable battery.

The Knipex MultiCrimp 97 33 01, instead, is a tool for the most common crimping applications: its crimping dies changed quickly and easily without any additional tool and this guarantees reliable crimping results and high crimping quality due to precision dies and integral lock.

Crimping Dies, Locators and insertion tools

Finally, Knipex offers a large range of locators and crimping dies both for insulated and non-insulated crimp system pliers, for all possible applications: open plug type connectors, terminals, butt, crimp and coax connectors.

If you do not know how to choose the best tools for your needs and need help with your purchase, send an email to [email protected] explaining what kind of pliers you are looking for: our team of experts will guide you in your choice.