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Control Cabinet Keys by KNIPEX

Check out Knipex Cabinet Keys, Profi-Keys and Universal Keys: thanks to Mister Worker™ you have access to a range of multifunctional tools perfect for all established locking systems and standard cabinets and, more in general, in all areas of facilities engineering.

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Control Cabinet Keys KNIPEX

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Control cabinet keys are designed to work across a range of products, fitting locks made by different manufacturers and valves of a wide variety of components across industries.

4-Arms Control Cabinet Keys, Profi-Keys and Universal Keys

The standard model has 4 arms, such as the 00 11 02 Control Cabinet Keys for control cabinets and shut-off systems in the supply of gas, water and electricity. It’s a professional tool for technical installations in building such as air conditioning systems. Based on your professional needs, you may decide to purchase a Profi-Key 00 11 04 for all standard shut-off systems or the Universal Key “Construction” 00 11 06 V01 for all standard cabinets and shut-off systems, characterized by its 9 different die-cast zinc key-profiles and equipped with a detachable chain and a snap hook. This construction version of the key has a plug-in, magnetically held support: catch for locks with profile cylinder hole and male square in steps.

Check out the Pen-Style product line, a range of easy to carry control cabinet keys with fastening clip and a variable number of key profiles depending on the specific model chosen. Within this range of pen-style tools, an example is the 00 11 06 V03 Control Cabinet Key with voltage and magnetic field detector for all standard cabinets and shut-off systems.


One of the top products is the KNIPEX TwinKey® 00 11 01, highly versatile and multifunctional tool for the actuation of locking systems which can be used for all standard cabinets and shut-off systems. Its peculiarity is that it has 8 arms and it consists of two cross keys that are held inside each other with a magnet. Moreover, it is equipped with a reversible bit with a 1.0 x 7 mm slot and a PH2 cross slot, attached to the key through stable stainless-steel wire.

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