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Circlip Pliers by KNIPEX

On Mister Worker™ you can shop a wide range of KNIPEX circlip pliers! In this section of the KNIPEX catalogue you will find circlip pliers to assemble internal circlips into bores or external circlips on shafts, precision pliers, circlip tools and much more!

Also known as retaining ring pliers or snap ring pliers, circlip pliers are designed to remove or install circlips, which are semi-flexible metal rings with open ends. Circlips fit into a groove on the inside of a bore or the outside of a shaft and they are generally used to prevent lateral movement of components. As circlips come in different sizes, you have to choose the right plier to prevent strain on the ring or on your tools. To learn more about Knipex circlip pliers read below! 

Circlip pliers for internal circlips

To assemble internal circlips into bores, Knipex pliers of the series 44 offer you three styles of pliers with straight and angles tips (45° and 90°). These circlip pliers are suitable for fitting circlips, with a range of application between 8-140 mm dia. For large internal circlips, there are specific pliers used to assemble circlips into bores within the range of Ø 122 - 400 mm.

There are also precision circlip pliers for internal circlips with inserted tips for reliable work, for example the ones included in the Knipex series 48. These pliers guarantee an easy and reliable assembly thanks to their form-fitting inserted and pressed-in tips made of high-density spring steel, offering a high level of protection against excessive stress and strain.

Circlip pliers for external circlips

To assemble external circlips on shafts with a range of application from 3 - 140 mm dia., check out Knipex pliers of the series 46, available with straight and angled non-slip solid tips. For assembling circlips on shafts within the range of Ø 122 - 400 mm, there are specific circlip pliers. Knipex series 49 provides heavy duty precision pliers with inserted tips for reliable work, these pliers have up to 10 times longer service life compared to turned tips.

You can also purchase circlip pliers sets, for example the 4-pieces 00 19 56 Set which contains the most requested Circlip Pliers, these sets come in foam trays, in tool rolls made of hard-wearing polyester fabric with practical, adjustable quickrelease fastener or in sturdy plastic packaging, which are also suitable to store the pliers.