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Are you in search of high quality, precise pliers made in Germany? Then, you’re in the right place. Mister Worker® is an official Knipex USA dealer. This means that, on our online shop, professionals from the whole globe have the possibility to buy the complete brand catalog. From the renowned pliers wrenches, to wire strippers, from bolt cutters to the popular Cobra pliers (such as the famous Cobra XS model). Furthermore, you can buy different plier sets, cable cutters, pipe wrenches, Twin Grip pliers or needle nose pliers.

As an official distributor, Mister Worker® only sells original, manufacturer-certified, superior-level tools. Furthermore, by choosing our store, you can benefit from the best deals, combined with the advantage of an immediate delivery wherever you prefer.

Knipex Pliers: Quality made in Germany

The company was founded by Carl Gustav Putsch in 1882 as a small forge. After his death, his son took over its management, and by 1927 about 7000 pliers per week were being produced. By 1951, through continued efforts and investment, the business gained a leading market position in Europe. Over the years, the firm has enriched its wide range by adding highly innovative products, such as the Alligator or Cobra pliers, as well as pliers wrenches. Thanks to its rich and varied catalog, commitment to innovation and development, as well as scrupulous attention to customers' needs, the brand has become a true benchmark for millions of professionals around the world.

Today Knipex boasts a catalog of about 1000 types of pliers (like needle nose pliers, hose clamp pliers, or bolt cutters) with more than 900 different variants. Products for specific appliances, such as pliers for electrical, hydraulic and electronic applications, are not to be forgotten either. In addition, the business employs more than 1000 people in Germany, in addition to having subsidiaries and sales offices around the world.

Why choose Knipex pliers?

Millions of professionals choose this brand’s products, such as Cobra pliers, wire strippers, adjustable wrenches, bolt cutters, pipe wrenches or Twin Grip pliers, since they allow them to complete a broad spectrum of activities, providing outstanding performances and precision.

In particular, this brand’s pliers are appreciated for the following reasons:

  • Durability: Knipex pliers are made with 8 different types of steel, which give them enhanced longevity. Furthermore, they can maintain their shape and grip strength for many years, thus representing a highly profitable investment;
  • Ergonomics: these tools are designed with the mofkst innovative ergonomic features, making them particularly comfortable. In addition, they are lightweight and offer improved grip, which reduces fatigue, thereby enhancing productivity.
  • Versatility: this brand’s products are realized to be multipurpose, are available in various sizes and types depending on the application. So, they are suitable for an extended range of activities.
  • Optimized force distribution: the company staff gives special attention to joint construction, facilitating work with their own clamps. This means that it is possible to work more efficiently, along with greater precision.

So, choosing Knipex pliers means investing in durable, incredibly performing products that provide you with enormous help in your daily projects, thus improving your working experience.

Discover the complete Knipex catalog: pliers wrenches, wire strippers, Cobra pliers, wire strippers, Twin Grip pliers and more

With its rich and varied catalog of products, always available at competitive prices as well as in prompt delivery, Mister Worker® is the online tool store you've been looking for! Check out this page to find the Knipex products you need: from pliers sets to needle nose pliers, including hose clamp pliers, cable cutters or even diagonal cutters and many other types of pliers. We are sure you will not leave our store empty-handed!

Among the products available on our site is the Knipex 86 04 100 4” pliers wrench XS. Measuring only 4 inches, this is the smallest completely operational pliers wrench available on the market. Ideal for gripping, holding, pressing as well as bending applications, this model has smooth jaws, in order not to damage the surface finish. Moreover, the parallel jaws are designed to uniformly allocate force, to guarantee a safe hold.

Take a look at the Knipex 82 01 200 Twin Grip slip joint pliers, characterized by an incredibly slim structure, thus allowing you to work easily even in strict areas. This model has a high-grip front jaw equipped with robust teeth, as well as a large front and side holding capacity for diameters or widths ranging from 4 to 22 mm. Furthermore, these Twin Grip pliers are highly versatile, since they offer 5 adjustment positions.

Moreover, you can find the Cobra XS water pump pliers (Knipex 87 00 100), the smallest model in the world. With its compact design and slim head, it offers optimal accessibility in the narrowest spaces. Then, it can be adjusted with one hand for easier adaptation to different workpiece sizes by simply pushing. In addition, even after prolonged periods of time, the Cobra XS model ensures a secure and durable grip due to its high wear resistance.

Last but not least, we would recommend you to Knipex 13 72 8 wire strippers, an innovative 7-in-1 multifunctional tool for electrical installations. Its intelligent location ridges ensure an accurate, safe positioning of the wire, while the groundbreaking cutting edges geometry grants a 50% enhanced cutting capacity, together with 25 % reduced effort compared to standard models.

Continue browsing the whole Knipex catalog on our online store and discover the most comfortable, high-performance, and robust pliers, wire cutters, pipe wrenches and side cutters on the market.

Mister Worker® is a Knipex USA official dealer

As an official, authorized Knipex USA online dealer, Mister Worker® offers original products and ships them in over 180 countries. This means that you can easily receive your plier wrenches, plier sets, wire strippers, mini pliers or flush cutters in the USA or Canada, even in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.

As a final thing, don't forget to look regularly at the special offers page, where you can find the brand's best pliers at reduced prices.