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HAZET Wrenches

Hazet Wrenches Complete Catalog

Hazet wrenches are among the best-selling tools in Hazet wide catalog. They are designed to be resistant and easy to handle, to tighten or remove nuts and bolts with less effort and strength. Hazet twists come in various sizes, and these can be purchased individually or in a set. To get quality Hazet spanners and Hazet wrenches, you must purchase them at a good place. Hazet offers quality at good prices, so visit our website today.

Hazet box-end wrenches are closed wrenched that offers a firm grip. Ranging from 6 to 12 points around the diameter inside, these wrenches have a thin wall that can allow easy access to nuts located in tight places. Hazet spanners are chrome plated with polished heads that increase the life of these tools. 

Hazet open-end wrenches slide around the head of the nut or bolt to tighten or remove them. Hazet wrenches with slim heads allow easy use in areas where other wrenches cannot be used as their open-end heads can easily slide around the nut or bolt. The heads are set at 15˚ to 75˚, allowing flexibility. Hazet wrenches have a sturdy double T profile allowing easy and quick use.

Hazet Combination Wrenches

Hazet combination wrenches are very handy tools as they combine two main types of wrenches - open-end wrench at one end and box-end wrench at the other. Due to the high competence of Hazet in the development of Hazet wrenches, they have many popular tools. The most popular Hazet 600lg combination wrench offers an extra-long and slim design. 

The increased length offers higher transmission of power, lesser effort, and force, with better accessibility of screws located deeply. In addition, the Hazet combination wrench has a 12 point traction profile and a sturdy double T profile. Moreover, the Hazet combination wrench that combines ratchet allows continuous working so that you get your work done easily and quickly.

Hazet Adjustable Wrenches

Hazet adjustable wrenches are a flexible tool that is going to be your best investment. They are larger than open-end and box-end wrenches, but Hazet adjustable wrenches can get a job done easily that would require several other wrenches to finish. Hazet adjustable wrenches are available in chrome plating and phosphatized mirror-polished wrenches. 

In addition, you can find easily readable scales in Hazet adjustable wrenches that improve efficiency. Finally, Hazet adjustable wrenches are available in different sizes so that you can look at them on the website.

Hazet Socket wrenches

Another option for you is the Hazet sockets wrenches. In addition to being convenient, they allow very quick loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts. Hazet sockets wrenches can be used in areas that do not allow easy access and with projecting edges.  Socket wrenches are cylindrical with points like the jaws of a box-end wrench, and the other has a square hole for the driver mechanism. 

To avoid repeated removing wrenches when working on a screw, the socket wrench is designed to easily turn it in one direction to loosen and tighten a screw. The socket will return to its ordinal position without tightening or loosening the screw or having o remove the wrench.

Hazet provides quality, functionality, and good materials in all its Hazet wrenches and Hazet spanners. This is why they provide protection and safety against injuries. Mister Worker™ ships Hazet entire catalog worldwide, choose now what you and have it shipped to you! Wherever your company is located!