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Making the Most of Hazet Super Offers, Great Deals, and Discounts

With 150 years of experience in developing and manufacturing best-performing hand tools, tool trolleys, and long-lasting equipment for professional applications, Hazet has established itself as the leading brand in the realm of industry trade, automotive engineering, and aeronautics. By creating strong corporate values and standards, the fifth-generation family business "HAZET" succeeds in developing unique and innovative hand tools, spare parts, power tools, and workshop equipment every day and can guarantee a complete service of consultation as well as various tool replacement and repair. HAZET strives to make the everyday life of its consumers much easier and more productive with a product assortment of a wide range of highly innovative automotive tools and workshop equipment that are geared towards their customer's needs and expectations. 

By uniting the best of the past market knowledge and experience with visions for the future, Hazet guarantees greater quality, innovation, and higher efficiency to satisfy the maximum expectations in terms of value-added service and peak performance. The primary focus of Hazet is to create quality power tools, drill bits and discs, hammers and chisels, and torque tools for professional use. Hazet electrotechnics and electronics, pliers and cutters, air tools and impact sockets, and measurement tools are designed and engineered as a means to provide efficient and precise output every time, save money on each job, and reduce the effort required for optimum results. Whether you want to buy air tools and impact sockets, automotive tools, power tools, and workshop equipment, when you choose HAZET, you can rest assured that you can get your most demanding job done with maximum efficiency, less complexity, and increased productivity. 

Discover the complete range of Hazet great deals and discounts on Mister Worker™. We offer lucrative Hazet discounts on a broad range of automotive tools, power tools, and site equipment. Hazet offers up to 15% discount on all of these Hazet special offers.  If you are looking for Hazet super offers, check out these best-performing air tools and impact sockets, automotive tools, power tools, and workshop equipment. 

The HAZET 953SPC - set of ratchet and sockets square 1/2" (47 pcs.) is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a height of 65 mm, a length of 355 mm, 3200 g of weight, 235 mm weight, Square, hollow 12.5 mm (1/2 inch) attachment, 47 pieces of tools, and safety insert system - enabling you to store a wide variety of tools with easy and find them immediately whenever you need them. The HAZET 178N-7/147 - tool trolley "assistant" with 7 drawers and assortments (147 pcs.) is another best-selling product that offers a 15% discount, thus you save approximately €287. It comes with a height of 1037 mm, a length of 781 mm, drawers flat: 5 x 80 x 527 x 348 mm, drawers high: 2 x 165 x 527 x 348 mm, 87000 g of weight, 498 mm width, fixed swivel bearing, protective ring, elastic tyres, and two-stage locking concept - enabling you for 100% sliding-out with roller guides, smooth movement, prevention of dirt and threads, and easy maneuverability.