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HAZET Pullers and extractors

Hazet Pullers and Extractors complete Catalog

At Mister Worker™, we are determined to provide our clients with the best and highest quality, durable and strong products. Pullers and extractors especially must be sturdy and strong because of their function and need. 

Hazet internal extractors are used to disassemble tight common rail injectors without needing to remove the cylinder head.  Hazet internal extractors are used to extract ball bearings and outer rings as well as bushings. Hazet extractors are user-friendly, reliable, and safe to use. The titanium-covered surface makes it wear-resistant, extra sturdy, and provides heat resistance and protection. Hazet internal extractors are engineered to provide high power transfer. 

At Mister Worker™, you can get the best Hazet two-arms pullers made up of nitride spindle that makes them maintenance-free, extra hard, and do not require any lubrication. The Hazet two-arm puller is used for ball bearings, toothed wheels, pitman, pinions, and similar machines. Its clamp clip is used to press the puller jaws on the part you wish to extract. Removing sprockets and ball bearings have never been easier. The Hazet two-arm puller works miracles. 

On the other hand, the Hazet three arms pullers can be used to pull out ball bearings, battery terminals, pulleys, sprockets, and much more. They provide even greater strength and precision as compared to the Hazet two-arms puller. 

It is made out of high-quality steel and thermo-chemical treatment that allows the spindle to bear greater pressure and provides a higher tensile capacity to its hooks. The puller hooks are engineered to provide automatic gripping, making the three-arm puller a very easy-to-use tool. The best part is that it is maintenance-free, which makes it a great investment tool.  

At Mister Worker™, we work endlessly to ensure our clients are satisfied with the products they purchase. The Hazet puller set consists of all you need to extract those ball bearings. It includes a quick clamping device and a two-arm puller. 

They are engineered with a flexible design to easily access hard-to-get-at-areas, thus making the Hazet puller set the complete solution.  

Hazet extractors are made up of strong, flexible spring steel for maximum movement, which aids packing removal. The Hazet extractors are engineered out of twisted steel cable, which is flexible and can be used in narrow areas. 

The corkscrew tips are made out of tempered steel, which does not straighten during packing removal. This makes it super easy to remove packings. The extractors are durable and strong, especially the corkscrew tips made out of tempered steel. 

They can be used to remove valve stem packing and packings that break apart very easily. They can also be used to stuff box bore pits and leak paths. The hazet extractors are a tool you must have to increase the workshop's efficiency and help save labor. 

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