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The ratchet and socket wrenches are indispensable hand tools for all professionals. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find numerous assortments of ratchets and sockets, to meet every professional need.

Choosing an assortment with ratchet and socket wrenches allows you to always have with you a kit of versatile hand tools, useful for different jobs.

Mister Worker™ offers different models of ratchets, with sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3/8". Ratchet wrenches are practical and versatile hand tools that allow operation in inaccessible spaces. Their main feature is reversibility: they can rotate in one direction and in the other allowing screws and bolts to be screwed or unscrewed without excessively stressing the tool. There are fixed or telescopic ratchet models with articulated head, which allow you to adjust the length on the handle to operate in different types of spaces. Our ratchet wrenches, all in steel, bonded to wear-resistant and rust-resistant chrome vanadium, are equipped with a comfortable two-component plastic anti-slip grip, to allow maximum ease of use. There are also numerous ratchet accessories available, such as extensions, reducer fittings, operating rods and spare parts for the connection panel. In addition, each ratchet available in the catalog is IP51 certified, International Protection Mark.

Other widely used hand tools are the hand sockets, which are indispensable in any toolbox. A socket wrench uses removable and interchangeable attachments, compatible with different sizes of nuts and bolts: it is a hand tool that allows you to quickly perform a continuous work of assembling and disassembling bolts, like the one carried out in the mechanical workshops. If you need to work on nuts and bolts of different diameters you can choose to buy a socket wrench set which, if of high quality, can last several years.