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Mister Worker™ has a wide range of hammers, levers and chisels in the catalog, available in various models: hammers with fiber or wooden handles, mallets, disarming levers, crowbars, wads and nail rails.

Hammers are used in a large number of professions and hobbies: they are hand tools that are used to beat shots on a specific material. They are available with a handle in different materials: the hammers with fiber handle are very used by mechanics, because the graphite present in the handle is high strength and allows to use it in a repeated and heavy way; the hammers with wooden handles are used in many areas, often preferred to those with a graphite handle because they are cheaper but still resistant. In the catalog there are also several models of spare handle for hammer, to meet different types of needs.

Similar to the hammer is the bribe, which however has the head made of softer materials such as wood or plastic. It is mainly used to hammer different types of hard materials without the risk of damaging them: for example, it is often used to fix the tiles. Many models of bribe are equipped with interchangeable head, so you can use it with various types of materials. Another manual tool similar to the hammer is the mallet, a small club with a wooden head or soft plastic that is used to beat on the chisel when you need to sculpt fairly delicate materials.

Also used in various fields are the wrecking bars and nail drawers: they are round or hexagonal levers specific for carpenters, mechanics and workshops, designed to be able to remove nails stuck deep. The most professional are made of chrome vanadium alloy steel, resistant to wear and corrosion, easy and comfortable to use without applying too much force. They are designed to extract the nails without damaging them excessively, even if you need to be able to calibrate the force applied to the nail remover well to perform a clean and precise job.

Hammers, levers and chisels are very common hand tools known by both professionals and private individuals: they are useful tools both to carry out demanding jobs and to carry out hobby jobs in their own small home workshop. All the hammers and levers in the Mister Worker™ catalog have been carefully selected to offer the best brands and the highest quality to our customers and satisfy even the most demanding.