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Professional Tool Cases by GT LINE

GT Line professional tool cases are the best solution for responsible workers who always need to protect their tools and ensure for them high durability.

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Professional Tool Cases GT LINE

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All tool cases are especially designed to help you carry, place and sort your tools while working in the field.

Professional tool cases are made of high quality materials, driven by the research and development of GT Line and constant looking for the best solutions. ALL IN ONE line is made from copolymer polypropylene, able to withstand shocks, rough usage and harsh weather conditions. For example, ALL.IN.ONE AI1.KT01 tool case is the right solution for professionals who need to carry a different sizes of hand tools, power tools and spare components. It is very comfortable and easy to use thanks to extractable trolley handle and four silent and robust wheels. What brings you the highest security of tools is a central single key lock and metal reinforced padlock hole.

If you are a worker who often needs to travel, Rock Turtle line is an ideal choice for you. All tool cases are high-capacity and empowered with TSA locks, allowing the case to be checked at the airport by security officers, without destroying the locks. High thickness polyethylene of a ROCK TURTLE PEL case makes it indestructible while reinforced corners ensure high durability. By purchasing this case you don't need to worry about quality, GT LINE warranty guarantees high durability of all products from the catalogue.

Furthermore, if you want to improve your tool case and make it as a personal maintenance assistant, you can find a various number of accessories in our Mister Worker™ catalogue. If you have any problems or doubts in choosing the right model, you can contact our customer service that is always available to assist and advice you.