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Professional Tool Bags by GT LINE

In this section you can find the complete offer of GT Line professional tool bags. All of them are made from strong aluminium and with injection molded ABC walls, ensuring a product long lifetime.

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Professional Tool Bags GT LINE

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GT Line aims to meet customers preferences, and due to this, you can choose between 1 or 2 pallets model, made with pouches or even elastics. All models are manufactured with two metal locks supplied with keys, ensuring high security and easy maintenance of tools bags on daily basis.

If you are looking for a tool bag that has bottom compartment with adjustable dividers an ideal solution for you is a model from tool line, BAG AND CASE PTS. It is empowered with FLEXI POUCHES™ system and rubber corner reinforcements that make bags highly durable and resistible. By using this tool case you can easily organize inside place and store all of your accessories and spare parts in pockets.

To make heavy tool bags easier for use, GT Line designed bags equipped with wheels. TOP TROLLEY 01N or TOP WALKER are practical backpacks with large wheels and telescopic handle, easy and comfortable to use in every kind of environment. What makes this trolley special is extractable rear straps that transform trolley into a practical backapack. GT Line brand has always been recognized for the best design, and tool cases are empowered with multiple pockets, ideal to carry laptop, documents and spare components.

If you are looking for professional tool bags and you need advice to choose the best, send us an email to [email protected]: our team of experts will be happy to help you and advice you during the purchase process!