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Grease distribution

To perform lubrication and greasing jobs on an industrial level or in your own mechanical workshop, you need to use the right work equipment. Here you can find a wide range of professional tools for grease distribution: manual greasers, air-operated grease pumps, manual pumps for grease transfer and a selection of accessories.

Among all the machinery for the grease distribution, the most common is the manual grease pump: available in various models, fixed or wheeled, it is ideal both to lubricate vehicles of small or medium size and to lubricate industrial machinery. Another tool that allows to lubricate machinery in a fast and easy way is the air-operated grease pump: it is a professional tool designed to transfer all types of grease and to fill manual greasers, and it must be used with filtered and lubricated air.

In the catalog you can also find numerous accessories for greasers and accessories for pneumatic grease pumps: pressure regulators, useful if the compressed air system does not have one; digital grease gram counters, to use the right amount of fluid in every situation; nozzles for greasing, both pneumatic and manual; barrel lids for pumps with shank, available in different diameters, and pipes of various lengths.